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Whatever Happened to Bangkok’s Airport Express?

The Express Line

When Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link the link opened in 2010, there were two service available, an Express (non-stop) service into the city centre and a commuter service stopping at intermediate stations. Since 2014, the Express service has been suspended indefinitely (apparently due to a shortage of trains).

Travelling through the airport recently, I saw the abandoned Express Line concourse. The only activity there now is some small businesses such as a foreign exchange and a pod hotel.

The City Line

The City Line is now the only service available for passengers. Trains depart from the concourse next to the disused Express Line one, under the main airport terminal. Departures of at least 4 trains per hour take passengers into the central Phaya Thai station, for connections to Skytrain and Metro services.

Finding the Airport Link

I was only changing planes at the airport so I didn’t ride into the city on this occasion; however, passengers looking for the Airport Express need only follow the peculiar travellator down to the Airport Link station:


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