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What’s New in New York?

Last weekend, I was in New York City to pick up some Thanksgiving supplies, I met up with an old colleague, now at the MTA who gave me some background on some recently opened infrastructure. While the Second Avenue Subway is not yet open, I had a look at the new Hudson Yards station as well as the gateway entrance to the World Trade Center.

Hudson Yards

The 7 line has been extended one stop to a new station at Hudson Yards – officially 34th Street – Hudson Yards. The newest station on the Subway network sits at the centre of a new development area (think of a mini-Canary Wharf). New office towers are already going up around the station and the elevated pedestrian High Line has been extended to the station.

Most Subway stations in New York City show a map of the MTA subway but in reality, this it’s just the largest part of the urban rail network. For a start, PATH metro trains from Manhattan across to New Jersey, which are just shown as lines to nowhere on the Subway map, even through many neighbourhoods, such as Hoboken and Jersey City are on this network. I haven’t found a whole urban rail map for the wider city, though this map attempts to show the lines serving downtown Manhattan.

Hudson Yards is being build on top of the West Side Yard where metro and heavy rail trains are stored, it was unexpectedly full at 16:30 on Monday.

Hudson Yards

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center continues to be re-built in the Financial District but the large Subway/PATH hub station has been topped with a shopping centre and a centrepiece entrance. Signage and door capacity aside, it’s a striking space and makes for an impressive diversion while walking to your train.

Liam Henderson

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